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English forum rules

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1 English forum rules on Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:27 pm


Forum Boy
Forum Boy
These rules are valid for every post in this forum without any
exception. Please check your inbox for Private Messages (PM) daily
because staff members of usually communicate with you via PM.

§1 By using the forum I accept its rules
The staff members of
administer and moderate the forum. The forum is open to every player
for free. By registering every user agrees to these terms and is
obliged to follow them.

§1a The staff members are allowed to change the rules anytime
The staff members of
are allowed to change the rules anytime without notice and/or special
advertising. Any user who not agrees with the changes is free to leave
the forum and/or delete their account.

§2 The moderators keep the forum clean and peaceful
of all the moderators are responsible for keeping the forum rules and
ensuring polite discussions. Users who don't heed the rules will be
warned, banned and/or deleted (§2a).
Moderators and Admins are not obligated to answer questions, this is done voluntarily.

User who violated the rules will be asked to heed the rules and if they
violate the rules again, they will be admonished. Each admonishment
involves a ban. The moderators can, but not necessariliy have to,
follow this scheme
1st Admonishment: 24h writing ban
2nd Admonishment: 7 days writing and reading ban
3rd Admonishment: 14 days writing and reading ban
admonishment following the third may be used as reason to ban a user
permanently. Moderators and administratos may permanently ban user
accounts even if no 4th admonishment has been mouthed, if the moderator
or administrator in question deems this necessary.
Furthermore in such cases an ingame penalty can be imposed.

§2b If the admonished player creates another account to evade the ban, it will be deleted without notification.

§3 Keeping of the netiquette
forum is used by the players for public interchange and helping each
other and all users should feel welcome here. Therefore polite and
respectful behaviour is required (netiquette). Flames and insults are
not tolerated and will be punished (§2a).
Also excessive usage of colors, capitalization and spaces between words are not tolerated.

§3a Denouncing other players is illicit
same applies for sedition against alliances or players. So called
"howling topics" are tolerated as long as the writer heeds the forum
rules, §3a in particular.

§3b Posting coordinates, villagenames and playernames along with battelreports is not allowed.

§4 Advertisements, spam, pornography, etc. are strictly forbidden
or commercial advertisements, spam, pornography, cheats, warez,
violent, disgusting, graphic or adult pictures, serious insults,
inflammatory against persons or companies, radical political or inhuman
posts or any other things or statements which are illegal by law of the
Federal Republic of Germany are not tolerated and will be punished with
deletion of the account or warning the offending user (§2a). The staff
members of reserve the right to pursue further legal steps (report) and are the final arbiters of acceptable content.

§4a The same goes for external links who have such (§4) content.

§4b Thief-game links are allowed in signatures, if they are marked as such in a sufficient way, only.
Though the user may be punished (§2a) if he doesn't heed moderators' orders.

§5 Avatars and signatures
Signatures with more than 200 characters are not permitted.
moderators are free to decide if the size and content of an avatar or a
signature disturbs the clarity and usability of the forum or offends
the forum rules (especially §6). They will inform the user of the
reasons and request the user change it immediately. If the user doesn't
follow the request, the administrator will change or delete the
avatar/signature and the user will be warned if needed (§2a).

§6 Deputies are not tolerated
the moderators are responsible for the order of the forum. If you
dislike something or see something which violates the rules, please
report it. "Deputies" who are doing nothing but showing the rules or
making comments like "close please", are not tolerated.
Only the thread starter may ask for closing, editing, deleting, or moving the thread.

§7 Threads should be posted in the correct forum
Before you post a thread, please have a look if you have chosen the right forum. Otherwise the thread will be moved or closed.

§7a Moving topics
The moderators are free to move a thread into another forum without leaving a shadow topic or notice in the old forum.

§7b Crosspostings
Posting a topic in several forums ("crossposting") is not allowed, except for announcements by staff members of Crossposts will be deleted and the user be warned if needed (§2a).

§8 Editing posts
The users are obliged to edit their postings to avoid double postings.

§9 Use the Search
is a search-function at this forum. Use it before you post a new
question/idea/announcement/etc. If a thread with your topic already
exists, post there and do not open a new one.

§9a Posting topics with same content
is prohibited to open a new thread with the same topic (except when
permitted by a moderator), when a moderator has closing the old one.
Violations will be punished with warnings if needed (§2a).

§10 The content of private messages doesn't belong into the forum
content of Private Messages (PMs), InGame Messages (IGMs) and other
private conversations (ICQ, AIM,...) are not allowed to be posted in
the forum without the permission of the author(s). The copyright law of
the Federal Republic of Germany applies to the whole forum.

§10b The same applies for battle reports with names of villages and affected players included.

§11 English is the only language allowed on THIS forum:
Everybody should be able to read and understand every post, especially the staff members of
They are responsible for what is written in this forum, therefore,
every post written must be in English only. The moderators are allowed
to edit or delete posts in other languages and warn players who don't
follow this rule (§2a).

§12 The operator/site administrator of and its forum reserve the right to delete individual messages, posts and threads without stating reasons.

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